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Buresh Meats is a family owned and operated meat market with locations on Hwy 15 just North of David City, Nebraska and in Columbus, Nebraska. Buresh Meats caters to serve our customers with quality products at low, everyday prices.

Our products include ground beef, 30 day+ aged steaks, whole loins, and roasts; 40lb boxes of chicken breasts, thighs, drumsticks, whole chickens, wings; Pork loins, bacon, pork butts, pork belly; Restaurant quality appetizers, cheeses, deli meats, Nebraska-made products & MORE!!

Can't wait to have you to have you stop in our store and become part of the family. Thank you for your support!

-The Buresh Family

photo jul 03, 10 57 22 am.jpg

Buresh Crew at the 2021 AJSA Classic in Grand Island, NE. Our crew served 1,100 Prime Rib dinners at their banquet, as well as lunch throughout the week.

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